[ Kiss of Life ]

Yesterday was crazy . . . Absof.ckinglutely so too.

I had woken up to a frenzie of activities, dashing from one point here to another point there across town . . . An overwhelming experience so to say.

The pacifier anyway being that the birthday gifts kept on coming in, even when it’s almost 2 weeks after I became officially fifty years young by attaining the golden age.

A feat even my late father could not surmount. It surely has been God’s grace no doubt.

It’s been beyond imaginable. Quite so memorable and indeed fabulous it has been.

So on that fateful Saturday morning, 12 days after I turned 50 and a day just before I was to play host to my church society . . . A turn that comes once in 2 years and one which I had a month ago promised to treat members to an exciting time.

I dashed out quickly at about 8.40 am for an haircut few streets away . . . Akeem’s Place and then to Abe Igi to collect chairs, fans, plates etc . . . It’s to hold after the last Mass on Sunday . . . Meeting cum birthday celebrations . . . Had to buy some extra drinks too . . . Calls that I refused to pick were also coming in . . . I was working on a project that was due for delivery later in the day . . . An entirely unbelievable deadline it had been and those people had been on my neck . . . An unnecessary pressure that I had refused to suck up to, thereby ignoring their calls, afterall the delivery period was yet to lapse, I thought.

While driving out of the house, another neighbour was also hitting the road and had met up with me. 

‘It has been a long time’ she inquired . . . ‘Where have you been ?’

We chatted for awhile and along the way informed her I was 50 few days back . . . ‘Ehnnn, you were 50 and didn’t tell me’ she reacted angrily . . . If that’s the case, “Where is my gift ?” I asked. 

‘COME TO MY SHOP’ she said winking at me as she drove away.




I dashed across to my production facility to see what’s up regarding the pending delivery . . . He had called last night that delivery won’t be possible for certain unforeseen circumstances . . . He must be most unserious I had told him, angrily . . . He shouldn’t even think it.

I got to his place and managed to find space for parking down the street . . . Work was in progress as I could see but truly behind schedule . . . A little over half was going to be ready he assured . . . I ordered that he gave me 10 finished pieces and called client I was coming to show him how far we had gone. His location being miles away at Ogba. 

It was while I was about driving out that my egbon neighbour called . . . He had ordered a cake for me days earlier (Photo above . . . Thanks to Baba Ekky) and he was hooked somewhere, so won’t be able to pick it before the cake shop’s closing time at 4.00 pm . . . I was therefore required to pick it, especially that they don’t open on Sundays.

Ahhhhhhhh . . . Another added task to an already daunting day . . . Ilupeju here I come . . . Oh boy, the cake woman was a beauty to behold. She came out to wish ME a happy birthday as her girl delivered to my car . . . “Oh la laa”.

As I made to drive out . . . A call from a classmate in secondary school came in, AY . . . Himself and other guys had gathered at O’Jays at the national stadium . . . Everyone was there (To think I had been informed days earlier) . . . ‘Where are YOU O’Shine ?’ they asked.

Me that I was heading in a totally opposite direction to Ogba . . . “I am coming” I assured them . . . Lol.

I weaved through traffic and arrived Ogba with 10 finished pieces to my client . . . He was beyond happy seeing them . . . We agreed therefore to deliver before noon on Sunday. Then another call came in from AY, I had not seen him since 1984 that we left secondary school . . . “I was on my way” I once again reassured.

I left Ogba and headed home instead of going to meet the ‘boys’ at Surulere. I must take home the lovely cake as well as drop the drinks I had in my boot at home. 

Besides, I needed a change of clothes too. 

As I approached the expressway to my house, my big egbon, godfather to my son, former neighbour and townsman called me. He was in front of my gate. Right there at home. 

“I’m just 5 minutes away sir” I replied.

So I came home to another surprise . . . A huge one too . . . A lovely cream coloured 5 yards voile material from him to me (LOVE.ly o) . . . My goodness.

Then he left . . . On his way to see his 90something year old mum.

I ran into the house and changed . . . As I made to open my gate, AY called again . . . He was leaving but the guys were still expecting me . . . I became hugely discouraged but went all the same . . . By the time I got there, D1 had also left but I ordered him right back . . . He had been an MC at my wedding years back . . . It was good to see him again . . . The SP (Senior Prefect) was also there, same with Azu, Niyi, Josh, Christian and Adelani. 

My friend Tunde called as I downed 2 bottles of Orijin plus a plate of croacker fish and chips. 

‘Come and watch the Champions League final in my house now’ he said ‘And bring suya’. 

“Ooole . . . ”

I sha took suya there . . . I didn’t partake though cos I was full to the brim.

Got home past 10.00 pm, glad too that Liverpool were drowned in their own pool.


An exotic day it was . . . I won’t forget the icing on the cake . . . The quick visit in between time to my neighbour’s shop.

Filled to the brim to get my birthday gift.

(With 3 of her girls around and a customer)




As I left, she had said, smiling and licking her lips:

‘Your lips are so soft and tender’

Yeah right . . . The gift that is . . . Ishhhhhhh.

We had a kiss !




In celebration of the 29th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday . . . 50

I am 50 and FABULOUS !

@ O’Shine Original

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