[ Final Closure ]

I had this ding dong affair with this cute babe way back. 

Beauty and loads of brain.

We got to know ourselves via a rather weird circumstance that I’ll not talk about. This moment she was dating someone . . . Next moment I wasn’t also available when she was.

Eventually, after a long period (stretching into years) we both hit it off.

Then the real issues . . . One of the most stubborn woman I’ve ever encountered . . . Apart from calling a spade a spade, she’ll even call it an excavator sef . . . We fought unnecessarily over little insignificant things and argued over everything . . . She was too dramatic for my reality so I jeest stepped aside . . . “Mo fuun rami legbe gbe” . . . “I comot for road patapata”. 

Once beaten . . . Twice shy.

We remained best of friends however . . . So, one day she brought up the issue of blood type, etc:

‘Shebi you’re ‘AS’ sef ?’ she asked.

It was then it even dawned on me we never even had enough time to discuss that.

Not so convincingly . . . “YES” I told her.

‘I always thought so too’ she concluded, sighing that she finally had a reason that it didn’t work out.


Kikikikikikikikikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

@ O’Shine Original . . . 

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